The EWYL system (the origin of Positive Parenting Tactics) was originally created to share practical and powerful information with clients in Pregnancy Centers around the world. Each lesson was extensively researched and the videos chosen based on the experts in the field. Most DVDs contain insights from doctors who wish to share practical and medically sound advice with a larger audience. The hosts of the parenting videos had both experience and professional degrees that helped them to inform clients oftruths that can be used every day.

Since then, the study and research built into the program has only gotten better.  As the lessons have grown and been updated, the writers and researches started including the evidence based sources and up-to-date content to allow for even more clarity.  The homework resources were updated to include references to the original research.  The lessons and homework built around these resources were checked and edited to appropriately parallel the new documentation. Each piece was carefully researched and documented.

Updating and Beyond

Even with these great foundations, PPT is getting even better! Every video in the EWYL program is updated in a seven-year cycle using the professional services of True to Life Productions.  New DVDs are created from the ground up from the most reputable and researched sources while still being put into a format that is easily digested by your clients.  The script writers used evidence-based content from medical professionals as well as the statistically accurate studies from sources like the Federal Drug Administration, Center for Disease Control, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Heart Association, and many more. The goal is to give your clients the truth that they need through content that can be trusted. In addition, scripts are reviewed by medical professionals and these same doctors appear in the videos.  The focus on evidence-based truth along with growing relationships between the clients and mentors has made the PPT content the perfect program for the public sector programs. In short, the PPT videos are documented and medically approved while being relational and powerful.  This makes all the difference in supporting you to make a meaningful and long-lasting impact.

Our Goal

The goal of PPT is to help organizations make lasting generational change in their clients and the children of the clients. We know that this cannot be done without the highest standards along with a purposeful focus to reach the heart of your clients.  We believe we have done this, and we hope you will join us in working to make a lasting impact.

Documented and sourced • Physician reviewed and approved • Written to reach the heart and mind