“I have worked with the Earn While You Learn curriculum [now Positive Parenting Tactics] for many years. I saw first hand the lives changed by this simple program. The lessons gave great information in a way that made parents feel understood.

After marrying my husband, I became a proud Army wife. Our first duty station was Korea; we did a three-year tour there. While there, I became pregnant. This was an extremely joyous occasion for us, but it was also extremely terrifying.

We were in a foreign country, away from family and support while experiencing a first-time pregnancy! I felt isolated, scared, and excited all at once. We attended New Parent Support groups and other programs offered on the base. While these were great resources, I still felt isolated. They provided me with great information, but no personal relationship. This was a dynamic I was desperately missing. I found myself wishing that EWYL or a similar program was easily accessible.

Now, I am honored and excited that the program I longed for is available to military family programs. As a seasoned army wife, and special needs mother I see the desperate need for a program like this. PPT focuses on cultivating a lasting relationship so that when a parent needs support they aren’t afraid to reach out, and that is huge for a military family! We face challenges and unique situations many can’t even fathom, and we do it with grace and grit. This means of support is desperately needed on military installations. I see the very real and lasting value PPT brings and the potential it holds for changing generations. Every military mother, father and child I know could benefit from Positive Parenting Tactics.”

- Brittany Dykstra, our resident staff member is no stranger to the struggles military families face. She has previously served as an FRG leader, Military MOPS board member, volunteered in countless projects, has been an active member of PWOC and is currently an active duty military spouse.