Positive Parenting Tactics (PPT) is built off a system that has been helping pregnancy centers around the world bring positive life change to their clients. Almost two decades of success has created a living curriculum that is constantly updated to present the newest information while still working to create a connection with the viewer.


The entire PPT curriculum is simple to use! We couple lessons with worksheets, homework, and informational handouts in all of our modules. You only have to grab the module binder, look up the lesson and go! The lessons are stand-alone and can be used across departments and locations at any time that it is appropriate. It’s that easy!

Positive Parenting Tactics includes perspectives and insights from both professionals and parents. The information is presented in a format that makes sense to young parents. The presentation includes emotional true stories that enforce the educational content. Add to this the discussion questions to help you connect with your client, and provide the foundation they need.


The PPT curriculum covers subjects such as pregnancy, birth preparation, infant care, first aid, drug use, life skills, discipline, nutrition, and much more. The subjects are divided into packs, the packs are divided into modules, and each module contains five lessons. The current packs available are:

Non Religious Packs
Main Curriculum 12 Modules First Trimester to Early Infancy
Spanish Main Curriculum 10 Modules First Trimester to Early Infancy
Toddler 3 Modules Parenting and Discipline, Ages 1-3
Life Skills 3 Modules Military life and Finances
Practical Fatherhood 2 Modules How to Be a Father Practically
Positive Partnerships 2 Modules Cohabitation and Marriage
Parenting (non religious) 3 Modules Parenting and Discipline, Ages 2-12
Christian content packs:
Bible Study 3 Modules Basics of Christianity (OT, Gospel)
Religious Parenting 8 Modules Parenting and Discipline, Ages 3-10
Authentic Manhood 2 Modules Biblical parenting for fathers

Positive Parenting Tactics is an organized and easy to use system; you’ll never have to worry about lesson planning again. Grab, print and go! It really is that simple!