Positive Parenting Tactics is a plug-and-play program. Lessons include the DVD, reproducible DVD worksheets and reproducible homework. The lesson order can be planned based on your client’s needs. For example, newly pregnant families should watch the fetal bonding lesson but families with multiple children may want to participate in the sibling rivalry lesson. The downloadable personalized lesson plan allows you to choose the order in which you show each lesson. Once you have chosen the lesson and copied the worksheets, no other prep is needed. Now your parents are getting the education they specifically need without delay.

Tailored for young families

These DVDs are designed, performed, and produced by young professionals with families of their own. They know (and you know too!) that there needs to be a connection with the viewer in order to have an impact. This is built into all of our newer DVDs, as well as many of those that we have used for a few years longer. The list below outlines just a few of the lessons covered in each pack.

First Trimester
Including: Prenatal Care, Eating for Two, Your Ultrasound Appointment, and Your Developing Baby.
Second Trimester
Including Emotions of Pregnancy, Bonding with your Baby, and Your Changing Body.
Third Trimester
Including Getting Ready for Baby, Birth Coaching, and Big Belly Mommy Hacks.
Pregnancy Special Circumstances
Labor & Delivery
Breast Feeding
Including Why Breastfeeding, Going Back to Work, Formula Feeding and Problems and solutions.
Infant Care
Including Infant Expectations and Infant Hygiene.
Infant Medical Care
Including Infant SIDS, and Infant Accidents and Illnesses.
Infant Strategies
Including Infant Nutrition, Baby on the Move, Sleep and Crying
Mommy Strategies
Including Moms with Careers and Nutrition for Moms.
Infant Bonding
Infant Milestones
Toddler Milestones
Toddler Parenting Strategies
Including Sleeping, Bedtimes and Mornings, Tantrums, Whining, and Potty Training.
Parenting Your Toddler’s Heart
Toddler Medical
Including Toddler CPR, Toddler Safety and Toddler Accidents and Illnesses.
Parenting Strategies
Parenting the Heart of Your Child
Parenting for Your Child
Separated Families
Life Skills
Money Management: Debt
Money Management: Budgeting
Home Management
Interview and Job Skills
Thriving Military Families